• Mobile Wheelchair Electric Powered Stair Lift
  • Picture of Mobile Wheelchair Electric Powered Stair Lift
  • Picture of Mobile Wheelchair Electric Powered Stair Lift
Mobile wheelchair elctric powered stair lift is specially designed for transporting disabled individuals on wheelchairs ascending or descending stairs. Single person can operate easliy. The loading capacity for this powered lift is upto 180kg. The driving system of the chair carries the weight, reducing the risk of the chance of injury when shipping on the stairs. Electronic brake system will instantaneous brake during stops on ascent or descent for safty.
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The mobile wheelchair electric powered stair lift, aslo known as wheelchair stair lift, stair climbing trolly for wheelchair, is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway up and down stairs during an emergency situation without the need of great physical strength or lifting,  single operator can control it easily.

This wheelchair stair lift is featured with:

  1. Maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks.
  2. Maximum loading capacity of the chair is 180kg.
  3. Easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with control button.
  4. Electronic brake locks tracks during stops on ascent or descent, the chair can instantaneous brake.
  5. Including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is easy to remove and is commercially available.
  6. Smooth 100mm front swivel wheels and extra tall 125mm rear wheels with brakes.
  7. The tightness of the sliding belts is adjustable.
  8. There are teeth on both sides of the sliding belt; the advantage is enhancing the friction between the stairs and the motor controlling sliding track.
  9. The soft seat and back support are removable and washable.
  10. Extending footrest and lower track angle increase patient sense of security.
  11. Positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether deployed for use or folded for carrying and storage
  12. Three position lift bar and handles reduce the strain.
  13. The battery and motor both are waterproof, and real-time displays the remaining battery power.
  14. Durable powder coated finish eliminates oxidation and facilitates easy decontamination- power washable
  15. 2.5cm track-to-ground clearance provides smooth rolling over carpet and rough surfaces
  16. Large patient seating surface with removable soft seat panels
  17. Extendable head and foot end lift handles support proper ergonomic lifting technique
  18. Positive locking for security and rigidness, Folds to compact size for convenient storage
Technical Parameters
Product height 1040mm,1230mm,1420mm,1595mm
Folded size 122*510*165mm
Net weight 24kg
Gross weight 40kg
Load capacity 200kg
Power supply 24V Lithium Ion Battery

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